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As a hotel, you have to constantly work hard to remain competitive and protect your revenue, especially in the face of increasingly demanding guests who have more options available to them than ever before and who want the comfort and convenience of home.

With technology forming such an integral part of your service offering, you need a technology partner who understands the hotel industry, your pain points and your priorities. An IT partner who can deliver the reliable and robust IT solutions that you need in order to succeed, day after day.

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Hotel IT systems are complex, each dealing with a different part of the guest experience. It starts with making an online reservation, through to check in and use of your hotels facilities. The gym, the bar, the conference centre. Technology is critical to each experience.

Hotel 24x7 IT Support

Our UK based, experienced support team will provide you with reliable 24×7x365 IT Support for all of your systems and IT infrastructure. We have a great deal of exposure working with and supporting leading PMS, POS and TMS solutions, as well as guest Wifi, CCTV etc.

Hotel 24x7 Network Monitoring

Our IT Support team will monitor your hotel systems and technology 24x7. We will be alerted to any issues and will be able to act quickly to minimise any impact on your guests, or your hotel. This is particularly important as technology today plays such an important role in your guest experience.

Hotel WiFi

Your guests now have an expectation that they will be able to access WiFi in your hotel and that it will be capable of providing as good as an experience as they get from home. This can be challenging, but fast and hassle free guest WiFi can set you apart as a hotel.

Hotel CCTV

You need to ensure that your guests, your team and your property remain safe and secure at all times. An effective way of doing that is through the use of hotel CCTV systems. We work with leading hotel CCTV vendors to ensure that you have the best CCTV solution for your needs.

Hotel Access Control

An important part of an effective hotel security solution needs to include hotel access control systems. We work with a number of vendors who can provide you with flexible, scalable and robust access control, either as a standalone system or as a multi-site solution.

Hotel Telecoms

Effective communication for hotels is vital. By being able to communicate quickly and easily, your team will be able to easily enhance your guest experience. At the same time, you need to provide your hotel guests with telecoms connectivity for revenue generating activity, such as room service.

Hotel Data Backups

Reduce your business risk by guaranteeing the safety of your critical hotel data. You can do this by putting in place a fast, secure and highly resilient backup solution for your hotel. Utilising leading technology and processes, we will safeguard your data, ready for when the worst happens.

Hotel Business Continuity

When things do go wrong, your ability to recover rapidly and securely will set you apart, especially when your guests are directly affected. We will help you plan for disaster, help test those plans on a regular basis and we will be there to help when disaster strikes your hotel.

Hotel Digital Signage

Boost your customer experience and revenue opportunities through the introduction of digital signage within your hotel. The effective use of digital signage can enhance your public spaces, allowing you to execute marketing and informational campaigns with ease.

Hotel TV and Entertainment

In an ever-more inter-connected world, your guests expect fast, easy and reliable internet connectivity, entertainment systems and TV. We can help you overcome any complex network challenges and can help find you the most cost-effective TV and entertainment solution for your hotel.

Hotel Virtual IT Director

With our deep hotel experience, our senior consultants are well placed to assist you with your hotel's IT strategy, helping to ensure that you are fully utilising your resources and getting the most out of your technology investment. This is performed at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own internal resource.

Hotel GDPR Compliance

With GDPR nearly upon us, you need to make sure that your hotel is fully secure and compliant. We can help audit and map your data, provide a gap analysis and help you put the right systems and processes in place to firstly achieve, and then maintain your hotel's GDPR compliance.

Hotel PCI Compliance

As a hotel, you undoubtedly accept card payments and therefore need to be PCI compliant in order to protect your guests against payment fraud. We have a great deal of experience helping hotels achieve PCI compliance, helping save money on additional surcharges and bank levies.

Hotel EPoS Support

We have a great deal of experience supporting a number of leading EPoS solutions. We are able to sort out most issues without involving the vendor, but should something be out of our control, we can liaise with the vendor on your behalf to get it sorted and keep you operational.

Hotel PMS Support

Similarly, we have worked with most of the leading Property Management Systems, understand their quirks and generally have existing relationships with most of them. We understand the importance of a highly available PMS to your hotel and know how it interfaces with all other systems.

Hotel Cloud

With pressures to improve your flexibility and reduce your costs, we can help you on your cloud journey, ensuring that you have the right systems and infrastructure needed to support a cloud IT delivery model. We can then support your cloud infrastructure and help you ensure it is secure and available.

Hotel Internet Connectivity

Your guests expect fast, easy and reliable internet connectivity when staying with you. We understand that this can be a challenge, especially if your hotel is listed. We will help you overcome your complex network and connectivity challenges, helping to ensure that your guests return regularly.

Hotel Cyber Security

Hotels are particularly vulnerable to cyber security threats and your data is especially valuable, with a number having been in the spotlight due to breaches. We can help you with your cyber security plans, helping you protect your brand, build trust and reduce your legal risks.

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Our friendly, experienced IT team is made up of a number of hotel technology experts.

Allowing you to do more

  • Uncover fresh perspectives and get better results.
  • Get access to a team with the right skills and experience.
  • Get support for your multiple, complex hotel systems.
  • Keep your guests happy and ensure they return time and time again.
  • Streamline your operations and maximise your revenue potential.
  • Build a better guest experience.
  • Give your hotel team the tools they need to meet your guest demands.
  • More easily retain your team by removing technology frustrations.
  • Make smarter decisions that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Enjoy an improved return on your hotel technology investment.

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