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Hotel CCTV Solutions

You need to ensure that your guests, your team and your property remain safe and secure at all times. An effective way of doing that is through the use of hotel CCTV systems. We work with leading hotel CCTV vendors to ensure that you have the best CCTV solution for your needs.

We have a great deal of experience working with hotels to provide extensive CCTV coverage and we will be able to advise you on the most suitable CCTV hardware, the number of cameras you will need, what they need to monitor, where your CCTV cameras are placed etc.

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A balance needs to be made between your quest for optimal security and your guest's expectations for privacy.

The key is to have subtle CCTV in the public areas of your hotel, such as:

  • Hotel Entrances - You should have a record of all people entering and leaving your hotel, as well as the times they did so.
  • Hotel Reception - Your reception is one of the busiest parts of your hotel and is often manned 24x7. It makes sense that your reception area is covered, protecting both your team and your guests.
  • Parking - By having strategic CCTV coverage of your parking areas, you can keep track of vehicle movements and can respond to issues quickly.
  • Exterior Areas - Having wide coverage of the external areas of your hotel can be incredibly useful, without infringing on the privacy of your guests.
  • Pool Areas - You need CCTV coverage of your pool and SPA areas so that you can respond quickly to any issues and also so that you have a visual record of activities should you need it.

Our experienced team will be able to help you balance your security requirements with your guest and team's privacy requirements, providing you with a secure and effective hotel CCTV solution that is fit for purpose.

Hotel CCTV Solution Benefits

Reduce the likelihood of intruders or non-paying guests using your hotel facilities.

CCTV is a very effective way of identifying both intruders, as well as non-paying guests who are only onsite to take advantage of your hotel facilities, such as the pool, spa or gym. Additionally, your CCTV footage can be used to build a case against such visitors.

Ensure a safe and secure environment for both your team and your hotel guests.

The use of CCTV has the effect of self-policing, where a lot of unruly conduct is eliminated naturally, while at the same time giving both your team and your guests a sense of security whilst in your establishment. Should an incident occur, CCTV footage can prove integral when trying to overcome fraudulent lawsuits against the hotel, prove your claims against guests or help provide evidence for criminal investigations.

You can identify problem areas within your hotel.

Your CCTV gives you the chance to identify areas within your hotel so that you can take action. For example, you may discover that queues of traffic form early in the morning and you would be able to check that over a period of time. You could then ensure additional entrances are opened during that time to allow for a better flow of traffic.

Complementing your other security measures in order to monitor your team and operations.

With CCTV in your hotel, you can monitor compliance with your rules and standard operating procedures, while also reducing the likelihood of dishonest staff committing acts that can be detrimental to your hotel's bottom-line, such as stealing.

Discover how you can optimise the use of CCTV at your hotel.

Our team will be able to advise, install and maintain the optimal CCTV solution for your needs.

Hotel CCTV Solution Features

  • End to end secure encrypted communication.
  • Audit trail of all access and actions.
  • Complete remote surveillance solution.
  • Central administration of multi-location surveillance.
  • Multi-tier storage and continuous remote archiving for data protection.
  • Rugged hardware, designed for any environment.
  • Scalable system architecture.
  • Effective integration with other systems and technology.

Hotel CCTV Solution Options

  • A range of camera options from different vendors.
  • A range of storage options, both onsite and offsite.
  • Remote and/or local monitoring options.
  • A range of hotel CCTV support options.

Allowing you to do more

  • Rest easy, knowing that your facilities, staff and guests are secure.
  • Deter criminal activity and save time dealing with criminal activities.
  • Enjoy lower insurance premiums.
  • Remotely monitor your hotel at any time of the day or night.
  • Reduce the number of security personnel you need to employ.
  • Make the right decisions based on hard evidence.


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