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The Cardonet team is made up of friendly, knowledgeable and enterprising people from an array of different backgrounds.

We are ambitious and proud to be working with a group of superb customers, providing them with the highly secure and highly available technology platform that they need to succeed.

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Pratik Patel: Senior Engineer

Pratik Patel, Senior Engineer at Cardonet IT Support

Pratik joined Cardonet while at the University of Westminster studying Computer Network Security. He graduated with a First Class degree.

The Job Hunt

The job caught my eye as it offered flexible, part-time hours that would allow me to study and work at the same time in a field that I was interested in.

The Interview

The interview process was pretty straight forward. I took an online test and was then invited in to meet the managing director at the head office in Shoreditch. He asked me about my course and my career ambitions and assured me that my studies would always be prioritised.

Life at Cardonet

It’s hard work and there is a lot of it, but you learn an incredible amount. There are a lot of things that you can learn here that you would not be able to learn anywhere else. You get a lot of exposure to technology. I think that’s the key thing about working at Cardonet.

Knowledge and Experience

Working at Cardonet helped a lot with my studies. I got to put the theory that I was learning about at university into practice straight away.

Following my graduation, it wasn't even a question as to whether I wanted to stay on. I have now been with Cardonet for over 5 years and I have been given every opportunity to develop and progress.

Top 3 Skills Needed to Succeed at Cardonet
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Skills
  • Problem Solving
Career Ambitions

I plan to remain at Cardonet. I plan to further develop my technical skills with a view to managing a number of my own customers.

Raphael Waller: Senior Engineer

Raphael Waller, Senior Engineer at Cardonet IT Support

Raphael joined Cardonet while at Brunel University studying Computer and Electronic Engineering. He graduated with a First Class degree in 2016.

The Job Hunt

I thought that it would be much more interesting to do something that’s actually useful, where I could learn something relevant to my studies, instead of working a bar job. In the engineering field, a large percentage of people end up starting their own businesses, so learning how to maintain infrastructure would be a great thing for me to learn.

The Interview

I completed a placement test online and was invited to an interview. The interview process was very relaxed and we mainly chatted about my past experience and why I was interested in the job. Sagi also took the time to ask about my hobbies and interests, which was nice. It wasn’t stressful at all.

Life at Cardonet

By the last year, I couldn’t wait for university to finish and to get out of there. I made the transition to working at Cardonet full-time and it has been great fun. It’s an interesting environment with great people. There is a lot of excitement and a lot of new things that are always going on.

Work-Life-Study Balance

Cardonet was very flexible and understanding when it came to accommodating my studies. The first thing that the Managing Director, Sagi said to me was:

"The number 1 thing is studying, the number 2 thing is Cardonet. Whatever you need, whenever you need, take time off.”

Knowledge and Experience

I gained a lot of transferable skills and problem solving skills while working at Cardonet. All of the things that they promise you at university that you get from work placement, that I don’t think anyone actually gets from work placements, I actually got from Cardonet.

Following my graduation, it wasn't even a question as to whether I wanted to stay on. I have now been with Cardonet for over 5 years and I have been given every opportunity to develop and progress.

Career Ambitions

I want to be the best in the world at something.

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