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Hotel Internet Connectivity

Your guests expect fast, easy and reliable internet connectivity when staying with you. We understand that this can be a challenge. We will help you overcome your complex network and connectivity challenges, helping to ensure that your guests enjoy a great service and return regularly.

Great Internet connectivity is more than just something that your guests require. As a hotel, you need fast and reliable Internet connectivity in order to take advantage of advances in technology, such as hosted telephony, to back up your applications and data off-site, take advantage of the cloud etc.

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We have a great deal of experience advising and managing the installation of the best and most secure Internet connectivity for hotels, irrespective of where they are located.

Depending on your needs and location, some of your Internet connectivity options could include:

  • Ethernet Leased Lines - The fastest, most reliable option that provides dedicated connectivity for your hotel.
  • Business FTTC - FTTC is the next best option if you can get it, but you need to remember that your download speeds are faster than you upload speeds. If you have more than 10 concurrent users then your quality of service will be impacted.
  • Business ADSL - ADSL would struggle to support more than about 5 concurrent users, but is a good backup solution to run core hotel services on should you main Ethernet Leased Line become unavailable.
  • Business Mobile - Mobile connectivity is often the only option, but it is an expensive option and would unlikely be suitable for guest use.

We will ensure you get the best connectivity for your needs at the right price point.

Hotel Internet Connectivity Benefits

Secure Internet connectivity allows you to take full advantage of modern technology.

Backing up your critical applications and data off-site is vital to protect yourself from risk. In order to do so, you need reliable Internet connectivity with suitable bandwidth. Similarly, if you wish to take advantage of hosted telecoms, you need to have suitable Internet connectivity. There are so many applications that require you have suitable access in order to take advantage of them.

Reliable Internet connectivity for your hotel helps ensure that your guests remain happy.

One of the biggest complaints that guests have on review websites such as TripAdvisor relate to poor WiFi. Your guests often bring multiple devices to your hotel and expect to be able to stream video, make calls, browse the internet etc. If you can imagine every guest is accessing your WiFi at the same time, you can see how the bandwidth requirements quickly add up. You therefore need to ensure that you have the right Internet connectivity and robust WiFi infrastructure to support all of your guests.

Fast and reliable Internet connectivity will help you meet your brand standards if you are looking to franchise your hotel.

One of the key technology requirements in order to meet the standards of major hotel brands is fast and reliable Internet Connectivity and guest WiFi services. We have a great deal of experience ensuring that hotels meet their technology obligations in order to successfully become franchised.

Transform your hotel operations with reliable Internet connectivity.

Our experienced IT team will ensure that you enjoy the right services for your hotel.

Hotel Internet Connectivity Features

  • Fully managed Internet Connectivity.
  • Enterprise grade service.
  • Active monitoring and support 24x7.
  • Contention ratio options.
  • MPLS/Secure network options.

Hotel Internet Connectivity Options

  • Internet Connectivity Type options.
  • Speed and cost options.
  • Resilience options.
  • Management options.
  • Security options.

Allowing you to do more

  • Keep your guests happy and ensure they return time and time again.
  • Meet accepted hotel brand standards.
  • Streamline your operations and maximise your revenue potential.
  • Enjoy 24x7 monitoring and support from an expert IT team.


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Cardonet will ensure that your hotel has the right Internet connectivity for your needs

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