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Hotel Network Monitoring

Our IT Support team will monitor your hotel systems and technology 24x7. We will be alerted to any issues and will be able to act quickly to minimise any impact on your guests, or your hotel. This is particularly important as technology today plays such a vital role in your guest experience.

You know how frustrating it is when your hotel is let down by technology, especially when it impacts your guests. By monitoring all of your critical systems 24x7, we are able to help ensure the high availability and can respond to any identified issues quickly to ensure a minimal impact on your operations.

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By monitoring all of your hotel technology on a 24x7 basis, we can help ensure the high availability of your systems, which will in turn help ensure that your team can perform to the best of their ability at all times. That will allow you to protect both your reputation and your revenue.

Our hotel network monitoring service covers elements of your technology such as your:

  • Server and databases.
  • Hotel PMS, EPoS, TMS etc.
  • Interfaces.
  • Workstations, laptopsĀ and mobile devices.
  • Hotel network and WiFi infrastructure.
  • BackupĀ and data storage infrastructure

By monitoring your hotel technology 24x7, we are better able to provide you with cost-effective managed support.

24x7 Hotel Network Monitoring Service Benefits

Early recognition of potential issues, helping eliminate downtime at your hotel.

We will transform your IT service delivery, transforming your technology services from a reactive to a proactive stance and thereby reducing the chance of downtime by identifying issues early and responding to them quickly. The impact on your hotel's bottom line from the high availability of all of your IT services will be enormous.

A reduction in the cost of providing technology services to your hotel.

The cost of network downtime to your hotel is significant, with lost productivity and the damage to your reputation being potentially significant. By monitoring your hotel's technology platform, you will enjoy higher availability, which helps avoid those costs.

Efficiently manage and optimise your hotel's IT infrastructure performance.

It is often very difficult to find the root cause of IT performance issues that are impacting your team's productivity at your hotel. By monitoring your hotel network 24x7, we can uncover the root causes of issues and this will help accelerate problem identification and resolution, which will in turn helps optimise your hotel's IT infrastructure performance.

Help manage your growing, changing infrastructure while remaining secure.

Your hotel network is complex. As more and more devices are added to improve your operations as well as your guest experience, so the complexity in your network increases. With our 24x7 network monitoring, we can keep track of your complex hotel network in order to ensure its' smooth performance at all times.

Discover the benefits of 24x7 network monitoring for your hotel.

Our friendly, experienced hotel IT team are on hand to ensure your monitoring is effective.

24x7 Hotel Network Monitoring Service Features

  • Hotel network performance monitoring and management.
  • Server and hotel application monitoring: PMS, TMS, EPoS, Spa etc.
  • Network traffic analyser for utilisation and bandwidth monitoring.
  • Network configuration management to help with your hotel's compliance.
  • Complete, multi-vendor device support using standard protocols.
  • Agent-less operation, reducing rollout and ongoing management efforts.
  • 'Live' network map of your entire hotel's IT Infrastructure.
  • Ability to scale to monitor thousands of your hotel's network devices.
  • Fully managed, 24x7 monitoring from our experienced UK based team.

24x7 Hotel Network Monitoring Service Options

  • Monitor all, or only specific parts of your hotel network.
  • Enjoy just an alerting service, or integrated support too.

Allowing you to do more

  • Be in control of your hotel's IT Infrastructure 24x7.
  • Identify weakness in your hotel network.
  • Trends analysis to identify bottlenecks and help you make better investment decisions.
  • A scalable solution that can grow to meet your hotel's changing needs.
  • Free up your team's time for other, more important tasks.
  • Keep on top of your entire hotel technology infrastructure.


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Cardonet will monitor your hotel's IT infrastructure 24x7

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